Our Events
Here is a showcase of events organized by NGOBOX.

24 Sept. 2013
New Delhi

India CSR Summit and Exhibition 24-25 Sept. 2018, New Delhi


Deccan CSR Summit and Exhibition 22nd Feb 2018, Hyderabad


Rajasthan CSR Summit and Exhibition, 6th Feb 2018, Jaipur


India CSR Summit and Exhibition 18-19 Sept, 2017, Gurgaon


Facebook NGO Day 1 August, 2017, New Delhi


India CSR Summit and Exhibition, 27-28 September, 2016, Mumbai


India CSR Summit and Exhibition - 07-08 October, 2015, Bangalore


India CSR Summit 2014 (with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs) & CSR Impact Awards 2014

Download India CSR Summit 2014 Brochure
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Training Workshop on CSR Fundraising and Crowd-funding

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Conference Better Education through CSR

Download Conference-Report-Better-Education-through-CSR-2014
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Conference ‘Better Healthcare through CSR’

Download Conference-Report-Better-Healthcare-through-CSR
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